NO BS! Excuse vs Truth! How to get in shape and stay in shape


I understand we all have our own unique challenges in life, and for sure they are all very REAL! Of course children, careers, friends, and family are all added into this big equation. However the BIGGEST challenge is often the one within ourselves.

This is so true when dealing with your health & fitness.  Getting in shape and staying in shape is no different than other areas of your life-it requires the right mindset, first and foremost.

Overcome BS by realizing the common flaws in the way you are thinking about  your health & fitness. You will be a few steps closer to realizing your goals and getting the results you always wanted.

Here are my top 10 reasons why many  people fail and few succeed :

You may think you can’t…But I’m here to tell you you can! Make your choice.


Excuse: I’m too tired…

Truth: You are tired because you are not balancing your life right. If you want more energy you need to focus on your health. Sleep, exercise and healthy eating are great ways to overcome this.You will only get more tired if you keep doing what you are doing. Have you heard this before? Doing the same thing expecting different results is insanity. Check your head! Get that BS outta here!

# 2

Excuse: I’m too busy…

Truth: You are only too busy for things that are not important. Are you too busy for your job or your children? I hope not! By the way, your health is priority # 1, not your job or your children. Your job and children are dependent on your health. Reality check- without your health you will not have a job, and you will not be there for your children. This BS doesn’t stand a chance!

# 3

Excuse: I don’t know what to do…

Truth: Take action and start learning. Sitting on your butt is getting you nowhere fast! Ask for help, and support from a professional trainer. Realize that we often can’t do it on our own, and an expert will show you the most effective exercise, nutrition and wellness strategies to get results while staying safe and injury free.  It all starts with a plan, otherwise you will fail. Think  of it this way, if you want something done right we go see an expert such as an accountant, or lawyer. Fitness is no different. Squash that BS like a fruit fly!






# 4 

Excuse: It’s boring…

Truth: You are bored because you haven’t found the right plan for you. everyone has different likes. Embracing the things you like will create a path of least resistance and help you build momentum. Getting in shape can be fun…it requires finding people and things that get you excited. There is no shortage of variety to get you to your goals. Life is not boring, it may be your perspective that taints it as boring. Explore, and find your way. Your BS is beginning to bore me!

# 5

Excuse: I can’t!  It’s too hard…

Truth: You need to start believing you can and surround yourself with people that encourage and motivate you. Find friends, and family, and health professionals that join you in your fitness journey. Can’t statement will lead you to a life of misery with lots of regrets and unfulfilled goals. Get in shape and stay in shape knowing you can do it, and you are stronger than you think. Of course it will be hard, it’s suppose to be. Any worthwhile goal will present it’s challenges. If it was simple everyone would be doing it, and it wouldn’t be such a huge accompishment. If I hear that BS one more time…!!







# 6

Excuse: It’s too expensive…

Truth: Of course it requires a financial investment. So do your clothes and entertainment. Get your head on straight by realizing that much of what you spend your money on is insignificant in the big picture. Do you want to be happy, and get in shape, or have a 10th pair of shoes, or watch your 5th movie at the theatre this week. Memberships, equipment, and training services are all valuable if being used. Are you worth it? I hope so, or that is a sad state of affairs. Settle for nothing but the best for yourself. This BS is being spent on pizza, and beer.

# 7

Excuse: I don’t see results…

Truth: You are doing something wrong or you don’t know what are reasonable goals for you to achieve. You need to have a well developed plan that is executed with consistency to get the best results. For example, If you want to lose weight your exercise plan of 3x/week and eating processed foods will get you crappy results. Be aware that what works for someone else may not work for you. This cookie cutter approach will leave you flat on your face, with tisue in hand. Get customized with your plan to get in shape and stay in shape for years to come. BS results are what you don’t need.







# 8

Excuse: I’m not athletic…

Truth: You don’t need to be athletic to improve your shape. You can be totally uncoordinated and have little strength and achieve a life changing transformation. You will learn and improve based on your dedication and your desire to be your best. Natural ability gets trumped everytime with hard work.   Getting started is the hardest part of this BS.

# 9

Excuse: I’m injuried…

Truth: Don’t let  injuries dicatate your fitness. There are plenty of exercises you can do that work around your injuries as your recover. For example if you have an arm injury, that still means you can workout your lower body and core, eat well, and rest. Stop that all or nothing mentality! Something is better than nothing, and indeed if done consistently it can get you in wicked shape. Injuries don’t stop you from being and staying in shape, it’s the BS you tell yourself!

# 10

Excuse: I’ve got medical conditions….

Truth: Really!!?? Isn’t that all the more reason why you should be taking care of your health and getting in great shape. Any illness can be improved with exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes. For example, if you have heart disease, you will be decreasing your risk of a heart attack if you get yourself more active. Same goes for diabetes. Improving your health improves your medical conditions. Duh!! Save that  BS to someone who doesn’t know better.

You can do it! Eliminate all the BS, and achieve your goals. Get in shape and stay in shape. It may not always be the easy choice but as I have highlighted we must change the way we think if we are to be truly happy, and achieve the things that matter most. I encourage you all to make health & fitness a priority in your life, and experience a more enriched  life.

For all my friends and followers, do you have any stories to share related to your struggles getting in shape?

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Looking forward to next time.

Yours in health,

Peter Koutras