Get fit doing what you love!

Can you get fit and have fun? This seems like quite a dilemma for some of you. Of course you can! Start your journey from a place where you are having fun and enjoying the experience with yourself and others. It should enrich your life and make you happy. If it is boring and making your life miserable this is a sign that you are doing something seriously wrong. There is not a one size fits all. We all have our own preferences, wants and needs. Take action and start thriving! If your motivation is high you will stick with it and get great results. Boring = low motivation, and Exciting= high motivation.

Are you excited yet?

Top 10 ways to get and stay fit:

1) Do  exercise that  makes you happy.

If you love soccer then kick that ball around. If you love hiking then get out to the Gatineaus.If you like swimming get out there in the water. If you enjoy strength training then lift!  If it puts a smile on your face then do it!

2) Do a variety of exercise to keep your mind and body stimulated.

Keep experiencing new exercises because you never know which ones will become your new favorite. The feeling of new is refreshing and gets us out of  our comfort zones and presents us new challenges to conquer.  It could be a different cardio exercise, a new sport, or simply a different way to lift.

3) Do exercise with people you have fun with.

We never do it alone, so find a fitness ally to experience the joys of being active with. They will hold you accountable, motivate you and be there when you need a good laugh. This could be a friend, a family member or a personal trainer.

4) Do exercise that feels good!

If it feels good keep doing it! Listen to your body in the moment and after, and let your fitness be driven by good vibes and experiences.

5) Build your fitness community.

A group of healthy, like minded individuals will create a buzz, and you can share in ideas and projects that are of interest. A sense of belonging goes a long way to ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Build friendships outside the fitness world with these people and the bond becomes even stronger.

6) Learn and educate yourself on ways to exercise smarter.

Be open to trying new exercise methods which may be not what you want,  but perhaps what you need. Staying injury free is a sure way to have more fun in the future. Put your trust in a qualified trainer to help you stay on track.

7) Do exercise that fits your lifestyle.

Keep fit doing the things that work into your life. Don’t try and workout for 2 hours a day if you really have a hectic life with family, and career obligations. A 30 minute workout may be a more balanced approach and pay off more in the long run. Walking or jogging  at lunch time may be a well suited option. A fun workout begins with not stressing about doing it at the expense of other important things.

8) Do exercise while listening to music or watching television.

Nothing gets you feeling better than listening to one of your favorite songs. The beat and rhythm will fire you up to take your exercise to the next level. Also cardio in a gym such as biking or jogging can be so much more entertaining if you watch a new movie on the television or laptop. Sometimes distractions are a good thing 🙂

9) Exercise as a way to commute.

Walk , jog or bike as a means to get around your city. It is effective and fun way to get somewhere while working on your health. Double bonus!

10) Exercise as a form of healthy expression.

Express your love for yourself and others in all that you do to keep fit and stay fit. Respect your mind and body and happiness will be all yours.




I encourage you all to find your exercise lifestyle. It is unique to you and what makes you happy. Enjoy the journey.

To all my friends and followers how do you make exercise more fun?

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