Don’t give up on yourself! Your health awaits!

“Give, give, give. That’s all I do”. Sound familiar? Taking care of everybody and everything except yourself is not healthy. You end up losing yourself, and what’s important for you. Look into the mirror and face the truth. Stop letting excuses dictate your health ( or lack thereof). I know, I’ve heard plenty of excuses before…I’m too busy, I’m too tired, It’s too hard, I’ve already tried, I don’t know what to do, I’m too old, I’m injured, I have health problems, I don’t like it, it’s not fun, it’s not for me. Perhaps you may have some valid points. But at the end of the day are you going to let these things stop you? I understand people are fearful yet these are simply justifications to avoid treating yourself better. Grow up, and be responsible for YOU!

Of course it’s going to be hard. That’s life! You may have some deep responsibilities and family and friends that rely on you. You are doing your best. But guess what, you are deteriorating and sacrificing yourself. What good are you then? There are lots of reasons not to take care of yourself. Sure it’s difficult. Anybody that tells you otherwise is straight up lying to you. It takes work. But are you worth it? Are others worth more?
If you’re not worth it then you will ultimately be bound to others and you will suffer. Maybe not now but the time will come. Trust me that is hell. Think of the consequences of giving too much to your work, children, partner, friends and leaving yourself on empty with poor sleep, high stress, lack of activity, and terrible eating habits. Not good. What’s the alternative? Treat yourself well and be well. That means do what you have to do to give yourself love. Treat your body and mind like it’s worth something of value. Exercise, walk, for God’s sake just move a little more. Do something and it will probably do something for you. Hell you might even be a better person. Imagine if it actually worked and you felt a boost in confidence, energy and mood. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! It’s there for the taking, so step up and claim what is rightfully yours- YOU!

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I operate Fast Track Fitness at Prime Personal Training, a private studio located at 429 St Laurent Blvd in Ottawa, Canada. My mission is to empower people to achieve a healthier mind and body through fun exercise, delicious meals, and a positive mindset. I will keep you on track with a variety of custom programs and ongoing support. I offer health programs that focus on weight/fat loss, and injury/disease prevention and rehabilitation. I have coached hundreds of clients to stellar results over the last 15 years and look forward to celebrating your success story.