Bulletproof Your Body With My Seven Favorite Exercises

Why seven? Because it’s my favorite number!)

Our bodies are capable of great things! All too often we sink into the mindset that as we get older it is a life sentence of disease, pain and loss of independence. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we are capable of so much more. I will give you the tools to be at your best and stay healthy and injury free no matter your age, level, or experience.

So how do we bulletproof our bodies to perform, move and just work at an optimal level? I’m going to tell you a little secret. Unfortunately the best approach is often not a singular approach. We require a variety of methods some of which include strengthening our heart, lungs, and muscles, and others that focus on range of motion and mobility.

I know what it takes because I live and breathe health and fitness. I learn from listening to my mentors, reading research books and articles, and getting into the gym day in and day out and bettering myself. My clients get a role model who has been through loads of scenarios and I keep it fresh and adapt to make it work for them. It’s time to develop a body that can withstand all the pressures of our busy lives. Well it starts with paying attention, and being mindful of our movements and general being.

Here are my seven favorite exercises to bulletproof your body:

1) TRX Body Rows

Develop upper body pulling strength which is kick ass for developing a great core and upper back. The scapula will become the wing bone it was meant to be! Let it take flight by keeping it active so you can get back to doing the things you love. These can be as simple as throwing a ball, lifting your children, or shoulder checking without pain when driving. Bye bye headaches, you ain’t got time for that!

2) Hip Bridges with Marching


Get in tune with your glutes. These are the muscles that make people say hey, great ass! Actually your whole posterior chain is working which is a fancy way to say your back side will be in top shape to perform loads of cool movements that we often take for granted. Be rock solid when shoveling snow, gardening, or lifting groceries.

3) Band Draw the Sword

Who doesn’t like to feel like they are a bad ass sword fighter. At least we can pretend for a moment. The rear deltoids and rotator cuff are muscles of the shoulder and upper back that are often treated like they don’t exist. Oh believe me, they exist and if you don’t pay attention they will hit you over the head with a mallet when things go awry. Training movements that involve these muscles are investments that pay off in full with healthy shoulders that will make you want to dance the shimmy shake!

4) Push-up to Side Plank


You can tell people you carry your own weight! Actually you push it, with a slight twist! Get up and lift yourself from any position certainly comes in handy. Maybe when playing Twister, or just pushing a door open. You will feel powerful, and your core will be really good at staying firm. And we like firm, because it the opposite of loose! How can we forget about the obliques (sides) which are like a security blanket for back health so you can carry on being awesome!

5) Reverse Lunges


The hips don’t lie like Shakira once said. Save your knees and get the hips involved in your movement. You will bring your balance to new heights and did I mention your legs will be thanking you on your next walk, flight of stairs or just getting up out of your seat when you know you have been sitting there too long watching Netflix.

6) Band Side steps

You never know when you will need to star on the next episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Sure it looks funny but who doesn’t love a good comedian. The body moves in many directions, and challenging this motion will plain and simple get you feeling better with your knees, hips, and lower back. Go ahead and slide to the side, you’re a few repetitions from a well rounded booty.

7) Deadbugs


I love the name! The exercise is so good it will actually make you the opposite of dead. It will get your front core strong which fights off lower back pain and makes you feel alive! No creepy crawlers here, just some cool coordination that will get your brain working to keep you sharp.

By giving your body what it needs you will be able to feel unstoppable and have the energy and vibrancy to lift, push, pull, twist and bend with your life. The building blocks of good health start with consistent effort and you will be reap the rewards of optimal health. Congratulations you have learned some interesting ways to bulletproof your body, now it’s time to get out there and make it happen.

These seven exercises are just the beginning. As you progress you will discover new, exciting methods that keep you injury free and able to move in a way that you never thought before.

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