• How to enjoy your food and still be fit and healthy

    How to enjoy your food and still be fit and healthy

    Food is much more complex than calories, fat, protein, carbs, cholesterol, and fiber.  It’s goes far beyond  good fats, bad fats, organic, GMO free, gluten free, low glycemic,  paleo, and vegan. It’s even deeper than nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. What food represents is unique to each individual. However, food is meant to be a joy and an experience that is cherished and celebrated in life. It is cultural and social. By allowing food to be strictly controlled and thereby depriving ourselves of certain foods, we are in essence making our lives miserable. This often leads to food being perceived as a chore, and a mundane part of our existence. That doesn’t sound like too much fun does it!

    Eating healthy foods often leads to us following a “diet”. We focus so hard on eating food at the right time, and in the right amounts that we often find it impossible to keep up this habit. It gets old fast, and we just want to get back to eating food that we enjoy.

    The interesting part is we can’t have it both ways. We can’t expect to eat any food we wish just because we enjoy it. That is excess. We need to strive for a better plan and which allows us to improve our health. This plan will encourage us to enjoy our food much more.


    Tips to enjoy your food and still be fit and healthy:

    1) Use healthy spices and flavoring to enhance the taste of your food

    2) Eat a variety of whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, meats

    3) Limit processed foods

    4) Eat foods more often that are prepared at home

    5) Eat with family, friends, colleagues who support your healthy habits

    6) Eat a variety of colorful foods which are orange, purple, green, and red

    7) Take healthy food on the go

    8) Go grocery shopping regularly

    9) Build up your healthy eating habits slowly

    10) Enjoy treats occasionally

    11) Prepare food in advance.

    12) Eat food in Moderation  Not too much, not too little…just right!

    13) Don’t count calories. Rather size your meals up with visual cues. For example a fist of vegetables, and a palm of meat.

    14) Don’t feel guilty about eating junk food. Just get back on track with healthy meals.

    15) Love your body always!


    Remember to greet your food with pleasure and gratitude.

    I wish you success with your health.



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