Ottawa Activities to stay fit this Summer

Summer is here and there are so many ways to stay active outdoors. There is something for everyone, and nature is a beautiful setting to move your body and feel the sunshine. If you are looking for a way to ride, run, or race, look no further. Here are some ...
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Peter’s top 5 nutrition & fitness tracker apps to help you lose weight and feel great

You want to be healthy and fit but you find it hard to stay consistent and motivated. Sounds familiar? The good news is there has never been so many options to help you be supported, motivated and feeling and looking at your best! In recent years, ...
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My Top Five Conditioning Exercises

My Top Five conditioning exercises to get you fit instead of cardio machines Take a look around a gym or look online and you will find no shortages of exercises and equipment to get you fit and in shape. Depending on your health and fitness goals they can all work ...
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Five strategies to lose fat and get healthy during the holidays

Is this a complete contradiction or what? Don’t we get fat and unhealthy when there is chocolate, cookies, turkey, potatoes and stuffing all around us? You may doubt that getting healthy during the holidays is doable, and most would likely say “probably best to wait until ...
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Bulletproof Your Body With My Seven Favorite Exercises

Why seven? Because it’s my favorite number!) Our bodies are capable of great things! All too often we sink into the mindset that as we get older it is a life sentence of disease, pain and loss of independence. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we are capable ...
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